Link shorteners, the standard technique of diminishing an URL to made it considerably shorter in length but still directing to the site accurately, are perhaps one of the most useful ways to put your tiny URL in social media, other websites, send it to friends, or just publish it anywhere. Additional to the advantages in creating a custom link, that might include fewer characters count for some platforms such as Twitter, a more mandible link for other sites such as YouTube; it creates a more interesting appeal to the web user clicking on the button. Even more importantly, this type of web services might be used to earn money.

Most links shorten services are created by the developer with the objective of charging the user for their service and additionally obtaining a profit by publicity with the user links. In other words, paid to shorten are charging you twice, at first by your monthly service and secondly by denying you the opportunity of generating cash based on the usage of your links. Not to mention that they are able to collect statistics based on your clicks, link usage, personal information constructed from your use of their service and, subsequently, build reports that might be resold in the industry. As a consequence, you are probably skipping all of the methods to earn money with your publications.

With this in mind, other services such as adfly, TinyURL, and other link shorteners have developed a free to the user scheme, in which anyone can create short links to their websites, and earn money based on a link advertising basis. The system works simply the user gets a service, in this case, a custom link with a less count and by clicking on this link; it generates extra money by showing publicity in the transition web page.

The process cannot be more simple. If you are not currently using a link shortener, you are throwing money away in the form of potential money your site can generate. This method works exceptionally well if you announce your shorter link in a long-term publication, as the number of potential clicks increments overtime critically and gradually increase.

It is essential to have as many custom URLs as possible and pass them through the link shortener and to use a link shortener checker and a link tracker to ensure the correct functioning of your links. It is possible that systems disable the redirection due to different reasons such as inactivity, policy violation, or even as a way of avoiding to pay the user the income generated by the advertising scheme.

It is vital to have a reliable service provider, as many unscrupulous developers offer great earn rates, but when it comes to paying your share, they disappear, stealing your money. We at money link shortener advertising, have created a reliable company with a long trajectory, our service is accountable for approximately 3.5 million URLs at our wallet, and a payout rate that exceeds many services might reach $20 on earnings per 1000 views, highlighting that our service is entirely free.


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