River water management is gaining significance as climatic changes resulting in irregular rainfall has reduced the amount of river water flow and this has caused disruption in irrigation systems dependent on river water.

The cauvery management scheme to be formalized, approved and executed by the centre is almost ready and it is awaiting final approval and signature from the ministers who are on travel right now in Karnataka for the elections.

Once the election is over and the ministers return from the travel, the cauvery management scheme will be immediately approved and executed as stated by the Supreme Court order.

Here is the news link that talks about the draft being ready and pending approval owing to absence of ministers:

The long standing issue of Cauvery Management Scheme and the formalization of water sharing will soon be over in the next week or two, should everything else fall in place. The current government should ideally be given the credit for moving this process very quickly in spite of its busy schedule and election commitments in Karnataka. If they did not have the elections in Karnataka, they would have drafted and implemented the Cauvery Management Scheme and ensured the speedy release of Cauvery water to everyone concerned.

Good times to come for all of those who rely on Cauvery Water!!!!Contact :-