Daron Jones, a popular member of 112 is currently promoting his super hit single ‘Say Sum’.

He recently had 2 sold out listening parties in NC.

Your hard work will eventually payoff is a well- an old saying that is always correct. Daron Jones is one such example, who is currently busy promoting his new single.

The renowned artist has made a name for himself as a member of the multi-platinum, Grammy-winning group 112 while continuing to push his own career as well.

Now, after producing plenty of songs, and achieving awards, the accomplished artist is now focusing on establishing a body of classic music that reflects him.


Daron had a keen interest in music since early childhood. He would spend countless hours learning songs with her grandmother by ear as a child. He had played songs for his friends a school and got many compliments. All his friends, relatives and family saw him as a special talent, and believed in him.

The Atlanta-native who was responsible for Keyshia Cole’s hit song “I Should Have Cheated” along with Q Parker saw it as a way to get his feet off the ground as a producer.


I want to be looked at as someone who invested in becoming excellent for serving others. I do what I do to make people happy. To give people a reason to dream and reach for the things that may seem intangible.

I am a people pleaser, but I remain true to myself in the process. said Daron Jones. Daron’s mission far exceeds entertainment. The artist is currently busy in promoting his single ‘Say Sum’ and has multiple events lined up for rest of the year.


Stay tuned to get latest information about the new music release.

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