A mailing list is the backbone to your direct mail campaign. Whether they are used for direct mail or email, the mailing list is your finely tuned audience, the ones who know what you are talking about and want your product or service. Mailing lists are a powerful way to communicate with existing customers and to acquire new ones. These lists normally are made up of names, addresses and demographic information, such as age and income or recent buying habits. They will also have an email address and even a facebook or twitter address. But, a list is a list is a list until you start defining the lists into categories that can give you better control over defining your audience. The following is a list of of lists that you may want to consider so that you have the perfect mailing list for each of your direct mail campaigns.

First, there is the response list. This is made up of the names of people who have responded to you before. They could have entered a contest that you promoted or bought one of your products. Maybe they signed up for a class. A response list is one that makes you money because the people have already made a purchase with your company. These people are the ones that will buy from you again and bring a friend along.

Then, there are compiled lists which are made up of the names of people who you don’t know but have been put onto the list because of their demographics. Their names come from various sources, such as survey companies, telemarketing firms and residential address databases.

This is called a cold mailing list because the contacts have never heard of you, your company or your products before.

Newsletter mailing lists are used for an email list that you have developed. Email is easier to send a newsletter because it is free and you can send multiple pages without spending a dime. A newsletter is designed to help customers and prospects get to know your company and products better. You won’t send sales information or coupons because the focus is on useful information which can be in depth articles, tips, resources or general news items. You can build trust and loyalty with the readers through a newsletter.


An announcement list is designed to generate more sales by sending out coupons, new product announcements, holiday specials and other discounts or incentives.

Absentee owner lists are made up of the owners who don’t live in their property which could be rentals, second homes or vacation properties. The mailing list has both the property address and the owners address. This list is a great source of investment property leads.


Apartment complex mailing lists includes the mailing address information of those delivery points within a given apartment complex.These lists deal with renters within apartment complexes who have very specific needs, and respond to offers differently than single family home dwellers.

Our automotive mailing list includes make, model and year. The list data is compiled from warranty companies, automobile dealerships, major national car clubs, online insurance quotes, automotive service chains and insurance companies.


Commercial property owners mailing list includes name, mailing address and property address. These list have contacts including number of employees and job title.

Then, you can create or buy lists that have a target emphasis such as targeting consumers by country of origin or language. You can target families with children living at home that live in your market area. Or target individuals suffering from various medical conditions.


Leisure time activities such as hobbies and interests can be a way to identify the best prospects for your product or service. Create a list of people who have shown an interest in your particular product or service.

You can target verified homeowners and use home value, age and income to target your best prospects. Or target car insurance or homeowner insurance prospects by their policy renewal month. You can also develop a list that targets homeowners by the details of their mortgage loan.


Create a list of people who have just moved into the neighborhood. Renters and/or new homeowners are perfect. Target folks who have just listed their home for sale or are currently in escrow. Target individuals at their home address by occupation. Get a list of individuals who own a dog or cat.

You can get a list of individuals who have been divorced within the past year. Or try a list of people with their home address by religious affiliation. Target senior citizens by age. Target military veterans with a mailing list and voters by their political party affiliation.


The mailing list is the most important part of the success of a direct mail marketing campaign. Today, you can compile a list a thousand different ways in a thousand different categories. At Everest Direct Mail and Marketing, we can provide highly-targeted mailing lists for your direct mail campaign. We base the lists we aggregate for you on your desired zip code or general area and the types of prospects you’d like to target for mailing. Our mailing lists are highly reliable and contain the most up-to-date addresses as provided by the United States Postal Service. And best of all - our mailing list costs are some of the most affordable out there! No high per-record fees or hidden charges. We also offer the service to run your mailing lists through an NCOA Update, which takes the names and addresses in your lists, scrubs it again the available USPS data, and updates all your records with appropriate forwarding addresses, as well as appending Zip+4 codes. We pride ourselves in providing mailing lists that are highly accurate - resulting in less return mail, fewer wasted material costs and spoiled postage - and ensuring your direct mail gets delivered to the right house every time!