Datasets from various industries will now be available under the ‘Free’ category on DataStock.

Bangalore, India, August 07, 2018– Announcing the addition of free datasets on DataStock. DataStock is a data repository maintained by PromptCloud which hosts pre-crawled, clean and ready-to-use datasets from various industries such as Ecommerce, Travel, Fashion, Jobs and more. These datasets are primarily extracted based on the client requirements on our custom web scraping solution. Majority of the users of Datastock are companies and individuals who are looking to glean insights from the datasets by analyzing them or train machine learning algorithms. The pricing of the datasets primarily depends upon the number of records along with recency; it starts as low as $20.

Since there is a huge demand for clean datasets, especially among people who are looking to learn data science and associated technologies, we wanted to give back to the community in the form of data and further uphold our commitment to help the world become more data-centric. This is what drove us towards the idea of free datasets. While datasets on DataStock are already nominally priced, we decided to take it up a notch and add a ‘Free’ category to it.

Free datasets on DataStock should suffice the needs of most beginners in data science irrespective of what their use case is with the data. Apart from the newly added free datasets, we’ve also recently added several fashion datasets from major fashion brands. DataStock is an ideal solution for academic projects, research, analytics and content creation for media houses.

About PromptCloud: PromptCloud is a Bangalore-based company that specializes in custom and large-scale web data extraction and has been operating for close to 8 years. As a data solutions company, PromptCloud has clients from all over the world. Vertically agnostic, clients include enterprises, start-ups & SMEs from various sectors like E-commerce & Retail, Travel & Hospitality, Finance, Healthcare, Marketing & Business Research, Analytics etc.

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