Some studies says playing intelligent mobile games make people more skilled and smarter. It increases their speed and accuracy level. Stairy is one such game with simple design and brain boosting powers.

Stairy game is developed by the team Phoenix Games & Entertainments, one of the leading game / app development companies in India. The team was very successful in launching a bug free android version properly.

How to play Stairy game?

The game has three modes to play. They are Classic, Up and Flat. Select any mode first. In the beginning, a ball will appear on a stationary platform and can see colored bars coming moving side to side. Tap the screen whenever the bar comes in close contact with the existing platform so that it forms a continuous path / staircase for the bouncing ball..

Once started the ball keep on moving. Our duty is to make a continuous staircase for the bouncing ball. If you miss a portion of a sec, you fail! The ball will fall into infinity. The steps challenge game needs much attention, concentration and accuracy.

The way the bars get arranged will depends on each mode you play. For example, in classic mode it forms a common staircase. In up mode, it forms an ascending stair care. In flat mode, it forms a flat platform.


The different modes of the steps and ball challenging game tests your skill in accuracy. The speed of the ball and steps will increase gradually and it raises the spirit of the game. Enjoy it and achieve the highest score and share with your friends.

 Other Features

· The scores are automatically recorded in the global score card if the point is greater than or equal to 10


· You can see Global scores for today, this week, All time

· You can collect diamonds by playing game or watching a video. These diamonds can be used to purchase new balls / characters.


· There are 9 characters available for different prices.

· You can share your high score in whatsapp, facebook, email etc to challenge your friends


Upcoming Features

· In-app purchase for remove ads.

· In-app purchase for New characters.

· Many new characters

· Daily / weekly contests.

· Levels for players such as novice, intermediate, expert etc

· More modes other than the currently available 3 modes.

Download and Enjoy the game now. The game will be available for iOS devices also very soon.


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