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Getting leads for your growing salon can be a creative journey, an interesting test and a fresh way of doing things. Direct mail is one way to find those new clients in the areas of your choosing. We have compiled a list of some promotional ideas that can get your seats filled and your bottom line shooting right to the top!

First, answer the question “What makes your salon different from all of the rest?” When you answer that question, you will also answer the other important question which is why your prospects should choose your salon and not someone else’s. Next, make a list of who you are, what your vision is, what your special services are, how you do it better and why you are in the business. When you have made that list, you are going to post it on your website, your social media pages, your business cards, postcards and brochures. And… you are going to send those postcards to everyone in your zip code and two more zip codes!


Next, you need a professional logo that screams those things on the list. A professional salon with a creative name and logo helps build trust in your business and an excitement in being a part of a place like yours. The logo should be uniquely yours with a style and look that is memorable.You are looking to create a brand that is identifiable not only because of its name and reputation, but because it catches the eye and makes people feel good. You want to immediately look established, credible, and trustworthy.

Developing a new salon means you have to rely on repeat customers. So, offer a first time customer a discount for a service when they return. And then offer a discount when they bring a friend. To get those new customers in the first time so that you can make them into repeat customers and then generate a steady stream of leads all the time all year long is to consistently send out postcards that announce not only your salon, but also any specials, changes, promotions or seasonal specials. You need to be prepared to plan on a full year of monthly mailings to three different zip codes closest to the salon location.


You can send postcards to every door in a particular zip code or you can target just the perfect prospects. Choose your prospects by evaluating who your perfect clients are. Paint a picture of the ideal person to sit in your chair. Decide which of the demographics are important, such as age, area and income level. And then, mail to just those demographics within the zip code. Not only is this cost effective but the return on your investment is much higher because you are only approaching the client who is best suited for your salon.

Another way to get new leads is to capture them from your website. Your website is ground zero of who you and your business are. Using the ultimate list of who you are, the services you provide and your credibility as the basis for your design, this is the place you want to bring prospect to. You will need to develop a lead capture form on the website. The visitor enters their basic contact details into the form. You will then respond by emailing back to them a coupon for a particular service that you can track. The form should be colorful and have just a couple of fields that they have to fill out such as email address, name and town.


Now, create a Facebook page for your salon and share it everywhere. Post your ads and your business card. Write funny stories with accompanying pictures. Post the same pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Start a Pinterest account and post your pictures and specials on that platform also. Images work the best to attract followers. Try to post on all platforms daily while you are building your business. Other picture suggestions are pictures of your business, before-and-afters, photos of your staff smiling and looking friendly, seasonal hair-do’s or nail designs and photos of special events. Make sure your logo, phone number, business address, and website are all listed on your Facebook business page and Instagram profile so it’s easy for prospects to contact you.

It is absolutely imperative that you stay in touch with your existing, new and old customers on a regular basis. Not staying in touch with existing customers can be a costly mistake. The market is saturated with salons and one month of ignoring your customers may make the competition look really good. Customers are your biggest asset and are the ones who keep your doors open. They support you and should be honored on a regular basis. These people are the ones who bring you referrals, which should also be honored. It isn’t that difficult to keep the lines of communication open because you can stay in touch by developing a newsletter that goes out once a month. Just send it through email and it won’t cost any more than the time to write it. You can feature almost anything in your newsletter, such as an announcement of new changes to the business, new staff, new prices or services. You can write a story about a social media posting or those before and after beauty transformations. Write about the new tricks in the industry and the new donation events. Monthly newsletters are a great way to keep your customers involved and interested in your salon and keep them coming back for more services.


When you get a new lead, no matter where it came from, follow up on it immediately! You can set up an automatic email follow up letter that will mail the lead for you. Mailchimp is a software that automatically emails leads so that you’re continually reaching out to them. Instead of you remembering to email prospects, you just have your email marketing system do it for you. Accumulating these new leads into your mail list and get these people on your newsletter list also. Make sure they know about your website and all of your social media pages.

And, most important in developing a marketing program and growing your salon is to track your results of all of your efforts. Only by tracking your results will you know what parts of your direct mail, email and advertising campaigns work. Keep track of the new calls that come in with a new caller sheet. Each time someone calls in to make a first time appointment, get all the vital information from the prospect. Find out what marketing they saw. How did they hear about you? And what kind of services did they use prior to you. Also keep track on a daily basis on leads that come in from your website and separate accounting for your social media sites. After a few months, you will have a better idea of which places perform the best in response rates. You can concentrate on the weaker places to see if you should build them up more with extra postings or mailers.


The trick to increasing your business and building a reputation for the long haul, is to be consistent. Just posting every once in a while or sending out mailers once a year, will only remind people occasionally that you are still there. It is well known in the world of direct mail, that you have to be in front of a prospect between seven to twelve times before they even notice you and then five more times before they remember you. It is important to make a commitment and stick with the plan for success.

Postcards are a fantastic way to quickly intrigue your potential customers without them having to even open an envelope! We at Everest Direct Mail and Marketing, create professional-looking postcards, complete with your own logo. We feature high-value content to get the best reach possible for prospective clients. Our postcards are fully customizable and allow you to connect with your community. This customization makes our mailers even more informative and effective. The possibilities are endless! Postcards can advertise new products and services, provide coupons or announce community events! Postcard marketing is a powerful way to build and maintain your client base!

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